Tips for Selling

In selling, preparation makes a world of difference

It is critical that your property looks in the best shape possible before viewings take place with potential buyers. Of the many factors influencing a buyers decision, this is the most important.

That's why Swift Move have prepared some guidelines to help you:

  • First Impressions - The Exterior

    Give a great first impression. Ensure the gardens are tidy and clutter free especially at the front. Mow the lawn, trim hedges, and in the Summer, buy some pots and plants to add extra colour. Give it that lick of paint you have been putting off. Your property needs to have some “Kerb Appeal”.

    *You only get one chance to make a good first impression when potential buyers take a drive by.

  • Conduct Simple Repairs

    Keeping on top of small repair jobs won't cost a fortune and shows you have cared for the house.

  • Clutter Free Interior

    Sounds like common sense, but look critically at each room as if through a camera lens. Its surprising how objects you take for granted can make the place look cluttered. Remove clutter, and move furniture around if necessary to give a flattering view of the room. This is very important, as photographs for the property need to attract interest, and many potential buyers won’t progress any further if the images are off putting.

  • Decorating

    If you have to redecorate use light neutral colours to make the rooms look lighter and bigger. Decoration schemes are subjective and personal and most house movers like to put their own stamp on a property shortly after moving in.

  • Preparing for Viewings

    All of the above applies, plus you need to consider the route of showing potential buyers around when they require a guided tour. Plan what features you would like to highlight, but also give your viewer some space and time to look around avoiding the 'press gang' approach.

  • Give a Welcoming Atmosphere

    Making sure the house is warm, ventilated and well lit. Keep any pets and distractions out of the way. Freshen the air with fresh flowers. You can always put a roast in the oven or percolate some coffee if you care to do so.

  • Honesty the Best Policy

    Allow a little time to answer any questions during the visit. Keep any back up documents to hand. Be honest at all times - its better for potential buyers to know about any issues beforehand rather than pull out of the sale at the last minute due to something like a tree preservation order!

These are general pointers to consider. For more information on the sales process, specific advice on your property, or to arrange a valuation.

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